LAST CALL the untold reasons of the global crisis LAST CALL the saga of the most controversial environmental bestseller of all times.Today its message is more relevant than ever.

LAST CALL documentary by Enrico Cerasuolo: crowdfunding Campaign launched…spread the news!!

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Jacques Allard is founder member and current president of the European Architecture Foundation, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Belgium that was started up to promote collaboration among European architects through a network of professionals around the world, with a special interest in eco-sustainability.

The export opinion of twelve prominent architects including Ingenhoven, Fuksas, Thomas Mayne, Komonen, Pearl, Lerner,about ecodesign and in what ways it can be applied to move out of an ecologically uncertain present into an ecologically sustainable future where energy resources and raw materials can be used intelligently. From Japan to the U.S., from China to the U.K. and South America, the film shows examples of ambitious projects and innovative structures, as in the instance of Curtiba, Brazil, which architect Jamie Lerner transformed into an eco-compatible city constructed to meet the needs of its inhabitants.

LAST CALL documentary: crowdfunding Campaign launched

«The film is an original and effective way of communicating concern about sustainable development and energy efficiency to a wider public because ecology and sustainability is today a major concern for everybody».

Jacques Allard

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