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“I can do is Budget silver jewelry bracelet Build
to lead you to the road, then go to what Budget silver jewelry ring Build
step to see your own, I teach you things should not be compared with the children Buysliver jewelry necklace online
of the same age to Buy silver jewelry pendant online
learn the difference.” Old man Buy silver jewelry earring online
said the last, the eyes Revealing different Buy silver jewelry bracelet online
light, touched the arms of a strange jade bone.
A group of children sitting Buy silver jewelry ring online
around the old patriarch side, Buysliver jewelry necklace with credit card
and finally heart, began to listen carefully to teachings, until noon to disperse.
“It ‘s so hard that the patriarch says Buy silver jewelry pendant with credit card
that it will take Buy silver jewelry earring with credit card
years to have Buy silver jewelry bracelet with credit card
a few people who can turn Buy silver jewelry ring with credit card
a little bone into the body, and most people may never succeed.
“But the Comparesliver jewelry necklace Comparison
little bit of the Compare silver jewelry pendant Comparison
bean is so big, Compare silver jewelry earring Comparison
he actually did.”
Small point is very innocent Compare silver jewelry bracelet Comparison
blink big eyes, and then go to pull Compare silver jewelry ring Comparison
the yellow dog’s Deal withsliver jewelry necklace
tail, and the rhubarb dog is Deal with silver jewelry pendant
more innocent barking up.
Red sun pendant, in the sunset afterglow, Deal with silver jewelry earring
the whole piece of stone village have been infected with a layer of pale golden luster, Deal with silver jewelry bracelet
distant ape tiger tiger, Deals silver jewelry pendant
and here a Dealssliver jewelry necklace
large stone house Deals silver jewelry earring
is like a temple of ancient sacred, Xiangning.
Dozens of people appear on the horizon, was sunset on Deals silver jewelry bracelet
the ground to pull Deal with silver jewelry ring
out a long trail, and the contours Deals silver jewelry ring
of the body was sunset inlaid with Phnom Penh, looks very tall and vigorous, almost everyone dragged a huge beast , Full of return.
“Come back!” Has long stood in the village waiting for a long time a group of Directionssliver jewelry necklace
women and children burst of cheers, the hearts of anxiety and fear suddenly disappeared, loudly shouted up.
“Abba they came back safely!”
“God, there are so many prey, really Directions silver jewelry pendant
a rare harvest!”
The hunting is very successful, Directions silver jewelry earring
dozens of adult men have received, prey in the shape of a huge dragon-like elephant, like a cattle if the monk, there are bucket thickness and born with wings of the python … …
The old people in the village are silver jewelry bracelet
scary, and these creatures are hard to deal with, and some are called Xiongshou, and today they have been killed so much, bloodstains, it is surprising.
Such as that long corners of the elephant, if the body if the iron, iron spear are difficult Directions silver jewelry bracelet
to pierce, a pair of dragon angle is sharp as Directions silver jewelry ring
a drill, can be easily crushed stone. And that Kui beast sound like thunder, if in the near, can live to death. As for the ribs of the giant wings of the python is a mountain killer, you can suddenly from a hill culling down, extremely terrible.
Prey there are several more powerful creatures, such as the whole body red red double-headed fire rhinoceros, blood impure brave … … these Discountsliver jewelry necklace Discount code
are worthy of the name of the Xiongshou, found that they should be far around to go, but now Was hunted Discount silver jewelry pendant Discount code
, serious does not meet the common sense!
“This is really very lucky, we are rewarding, but no one was injured.” Hunting team leader in Discount silver jewelry earring Discount code
the stone forest tiger fun, to the patriarch and the Discount silver jewelry bracelet Discount code
village explained. This day and night, the mountains have a super monster passing, to shake the earth, trampled to death, tattoo a lot of mountain animals, during the day they all the way to track, kill a lot of seriously tiffanysilver jewelry ring
injured Xiongshou, these are usually on the village Avoid the tyrannical creatures.
“Some of the big footprints in the mountains are similar Discount silver jewelry ring Discount code
to human footsteps, but they are so big that they are nearly 100 meters long!”
“So big!” Village silver jewelry ring
people exclaimed, this is really a terrible news.
“Wazi people need long silver jewelry pendant body, can not be hungry, have to think of some way.” Old man opening.
“Although the night is not calm, but during the day is nothing unusual, I bring some people out, be careful that should be no silver jewelry earring problem.” Stone forest tiger.
Finally, dozens of young men in silver jewelry bracelet the village set, by the patriarch Shi Yunfeng came to the side of the lightning before the wood, facing the silver jewelry pendant
old willow seriously pray.
Let the children fight the plentiful prey and return safely, and we will silver jewelry ring sacrifice and support you with devout hearts and generations.
Began to upload, and every click, recommended, pandora sliver jewelry necklace collection of this book is very important, so that the book rushed, can not do without every brother and sister, pandora silver jewelry pendant need everyone’s support. In addition, today at eight o’clock we can come to crooked. The Crooked 2579 play, I also go. Also, thank you for all the brothers and sisters!
The second chapter skeleton
In the patriarch and some old people’s prayer, all pandora silver jewelry earring young adults are showing a solemn color, to worship. And many women and children have also rushed over, quietly pray, pray to go pandora sliver jewelry bracelet to hunting relatives can be unharmed back.
The mountains are too dangerous to leave the willow guardian of pandora sliver jewelry ring the village, the outside will be a completely different world, where filled with horror birds of prey and beasts.
In this way, the village’s strongest group of people carrying a giant bow, with a wide sword starting, and went into the mountains between the big Ze, suddenly a great shortage of breath toward the head.
Watched the hunting team to leave, the old patriarch Shi Yunfeng led a group Achieve sliver jewelry necklace of children came to the village on the grass, the plate sat down and said: “Well, Achieve sliver jewelry pendant you guys this monkey should also study hard.
A group of children suddenly frown, one by one listless, reluctantly sitting around in Achieve sliver jewelry earring the surrounding, like the withered leaves in general. Achieve sliver jewelry bracelet
“Grandpa grandfather, those birds, Alleviatesliver jewelry necklace like the ghosts of Achieve sliver jewelry ring the same as the strange, it is difficult to Alleviate silver jewelry pendant learn, carefully mind what it to do?
“Yes ah, not as good as the father taught me the arrows useful!”
A group of children are all bitter gourd Alleviate silver jewelry earring face, it is very contradictory.
“You guys really do not know the truth, Alleviate silver jewelry ring the text is the tyranny of the Pacific ancient genetically manifested in the bones of the symbol, Alleviate silver jewelry bracelet contains the mysterious power, how many people want to learn no way. Will be stronger than your father how many times. “The old clan hate Auctionsliver jewelry necklace iron into steel, the number of them.
“Grandpa grandfather, you show us the strength of the text of it.” There is a slightly larger children said.
“Little do not come over.” The patriarch shouted Auction silver jewelry pendant at a distance.
Small bit of chasing after the five-color bird is trying Auction silver jewelry earring to pull a yellow dog’s tail, heard the tiffanysilver jewelry pendant
confused turn, release the hand Pidianpidian ran over, blinking bright eyes, said: “babbling, patriarch What about grandfather?
“I will teach you Auction silver jewelry bracelet that the use of the bone.” Shi Yunfeng Road.

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