The partners of the Sport!Op! european project, whose main goal is to create opportunities for the inclusion of children through sport, are conducting the Local Needs Assessment technical meetings. In the case of Granollers, this working session was held in digital format on Monday 26 October. The meeting, led by the University of Barcelona, ​​was attended by about twenty professionals from Granollers: physical education teachers, coordinators, monitors or representatives of different sports organizations in the city and municipal technicians.

The session served to share experiences, evaluate the sports offer and sports facilities in the city and raise challenges such as the promotion of sport from a gender perspective, more information on the benefits of sport for children and young people or more coordination between professionals.

515 online surveys

The meeting also served to report on the results of the online survey conducted in recent weeks to pick up sport needs in the city for children aged 8 to 12. 515 responses to these questionnaires were received. Half of the children and young people who completed the questionnaire practice sport, most of them in a club or organization, but there are a third of those surveyed people who do not usually play any sport and 20% who do not practice sport outside the activity physics in schools.

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