On Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd of September 2022, partners of Sport!OP! project met in Lund, Sweden, for coordination meeting.

The work of the Methodological handbook was presented and partners discussed about how to design it in order to linking practice and theory in a user friendly way.

After that, each partner shared its Strategic Action Plan (SAP). The Swedish, Belgian, Croatian, Bosnian (via online) and Spanish partners explained the SAP are defining in their countries. A discussion followed about how to present the budget.

Emme Adébo from the regional handball association in Sweden (HF Syd) visited the conference and presented the work of HF Syd with Hand the Ball and activities in conjunction with the World Cup Handball in Sweden 2023.

The proposal of work about Policy recommendation was also presented in the meeting. Partners worked in three diferent groups and discussed which areas are the most important. Every group presented its conclusions and it was decided to continue the discussion locally.

Finally, as an essential part of the project is to learn about local experiences, LUGI share the visit in situ Vikingaskolan, a school where LUGI’s pilot programme has been implemented. We can met Niklas Lind, PE teacher and Vikingaskolan’s contact person, and Göran Karlsson, Hand the Ball instructor.

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